Meet Julie


I think it all began when I was very young and if my family and I were not camping in our 14 foot Aristocrat trailer we were garage sale-ing on weekends hunting for that one special treasure. My parents were very frugal and raised my brother and I to be the same. But being frugal didn’t mean you couldn’t find a special trinket or treasure worth much more than we paid for it. My parents ended up being antique dealers as I got older, researching and studying all of their finds and reselling them. They had quite a fun little business. I couldn’t be bothered with it at that time but once I grew up and had my own family, I began to attach to old things. My grandma had wonderful treasures in her West Seattle home and I spent a lot of time with her when I was young. I ended up with her special cookbooks and Scandinavian keepsakes.

I love everything about collecting vintage or antique items. It really isn’t about what they are worth, it’s about their story. I often find things and wonder or imagine where they came from, who they belonged to and how best to honor them. About 6 years ago, I decided to open a vintage flea market on the coast of Oregon. I bought an old church in Garibaldi and named it Vintage by the Bay. I found vendors to rent spaces. We started on weekends and then extended our hours. It has grown and become quite a destination for tourists and locals alike. I loved it so much I decided to join the vintage market circuit and met several fellow “Junkers” in Washington setting up tents and selling wares in open fields, barns and fairgrounds…I guess you could say it is in my blood! The shows continue to be such a joy and meeting new people who do the same thing is a big bonus! As if that wasn’t enough I then joined Cranberry Cottage in Bothell, Washington where 12 of us decorators have our own spaces within a shop and share in working there. It is a beautiful collaboration of all things new and old for the home. The adventure continues as I open my very own shop called “TROVE” Home & Vintage Goods in downtown Walla Walla, Washington in the heart of the beautiful Eastern Washington wine country…come see me!